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  • Cometa Silver
    04/23/2013 23:40 by Cattus

    Silver is a spintop from Cometa that it has been in the market for a while. Recently I have the chance to buy it. So I bought two of them: one in blue color and the other in red color for 7 EUR each.


    Cometa Silver


    It has the typical size of the Cometa spintop: height of 73mm, diameter of 54mm and a weight of 38 grammes. It has a glossy finish (this is why is called Silver I think) and an unique crown. It is available in several colours.


    Corona Cometa Silver


    It is a nice spintop. You can play well with it. The tip is too much rounded. The edges of the crown scratch a little. It is not a problem for playing. Perhaps it can be a problem for some trickw. Don't know.  Usually a smooth and rounded crown is better.


     Cometa Silver


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