This website has been developed by me.

It has been enhanced with these resources:

Icons by FAMFAMFAM (Silk icons set)

Logo "Crepundia" created with Image Tool (link not available currently)

Colour palette generated with Palette Generator by Big Huge Labs from an image of the Throw Down Luchador yo-yo, one of my favourites.

Image viewer: Shadowbox.js Media Viewer

Bar charts: Standards schmandards


The banner of this website is

Crepundia website

and the url is

About this website

Crepundia is a web that shows my personal collection of spintops and yo-yos.

Crepundia is not a shop or a business. I do buy nothing and I do sell nothing.

Crepundia in Latin means roughly "toys". It is a word from the second declension, neuter genre, plural.

Cave Cattum in Latin means literally "Beware the cat".